7 luxury rainforest retreats


Everybody knows the rainforests and jungles are disappearing fast. And while we need to protect the ones that are still left, it is also possible to enhance and experience them while still retaining high levels of luxury. I named a few below as I do believe they are setting the example of how we can embrace the impenetrable rainforests across the globe.

Keemala, Thailand

On the tropical island of Phuket you can find this hidden gem in the middle of the lush jungle. While the villas blend in perfectly with the nature which surrounds them, the level of luxury and comfort is very much 21st century. There are several different styles of villas, going from the tree pool houses all to way to actual bird’s nest pool villas.

Being situated in Thailand, it’s a given that this resort boasts an amazing spa. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind and the nature surely helps to give this wellness sanctuary another dimension.

If there would ever be a moment where you want to experience another scenery, you can just take the complimentary transport to the nearby beach where the amazing blue waters will fade those green patterns away.

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

It’s a place where nature and luxury become one. Who would have thought that such a contemporary design would fit perfectly into the jungle of Ecuador? The massive windows do make you feel like you are almost sleeping outside.

Ride the Dragonfly, an innovative cable system which carries you through the forest canopy. Or who would have thought a Sky bike could actually exist. Pedal your way along a cable stretched between two points in the rainforest. Rather sit quiet and wait for the treasure to come to you? Then the Hummingbird garden is your thing. With 19 hummingbird species observable by guest in this garden, it is a real treat for the eye.

Getting hungry after a day in the jungle? No worries, the two-story dining room of the lodge serves up some really lively gourmet experience.

Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Central Africa isn’t immediately the first destination one would believe to find a luxurious retreat in the middle of the rainforest. But Bisate Lodge surely proves to be a place that deserves its spot in this list. Not only is the architecture a stunning piece of art, also the interior hasn’t been a quick fix. Beautiful natural tones and accents of the lush green which you can also see outside when looking at the rainforest that surrounds this magical place.

As If all of that isn’t enough, there is one more reason why Bisate Lodge should be on your list. It is situated near the Volcanoes National Park where you’ll have the chance to encounter some of the mountain gorilla’s. Many tourists are going on gorilla treks, though it is hard do it any more luxurious than during a stay at Bisate.

Silky Oak Lodge, Australia

It might come as a surprise but this luxury boutique retreat is situated in the tropical northern part of Australia. Yes, there is more than just desert and the great barrier reef down under.

This eco lodge is located high above the crystal clear waters of the Mossman River and it gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the world heritage listed Daintree rainforest. Few places are as amazing thanks to the mix of both the river and the lush surroundings.

With amazing rooms and dining options, and an array of activities to enjoy, this place is a must on everyone’s bucket list. They also have an amazing spa which will enhance the feeling of being one with nature.

Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize

You might know he makes good movies, but you’ll be surprised to know that the famous film director Francis Fords Coppola has an eye for amazing holiday retreats too. When he visited Belize in the early 1980’s he fell in love with the location. And in 1993 he opened this tropical paradise to the public, after it was first used as a Coppola family getaway for a decade.

There is a certain Maya influence running through the lodge, but the cheer beauty of this place is all you’ll remember. Relaxing next to the river while enjoying the views and sounds of the waterfalls which are located right in front.

Rather be more active, then you might want to consider horseback riding while exploring the surrounding area.

Your taste buds will also enjoy their stay as the lodge has its own organic garden which certainly isn’t an easy thing to do in the middle of the jungle. They even offer a Farm to Fork Cooking Class which will let you experience the local cuisine.

The Datai, Malaysia

The most amazing treasure trove you can find on the island of Langkawi is the Datai resort. It is situated between the ancient rainforest and the Andaman sea, giving you the best of both worlds. The Datai beach in front of the resort was rated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by none other than National Geographic.

You can choose to sleep in the rainforest or on the beach, giving guests the amazing opportunity to combine the two. The amazing architecture and style makes for a perfect blend.

This is a perfect place to reconnect with nature, and the 10 million-year old rainforest which surrounds the resort is the ideal setting. Countless animals like the dusky langur and the flying lizard are living in these treetops so you might be lucky to spot some of them.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

It would be impossible to make a list of luxurious resorts in the rainforest without including one from the Brazil. It has by far the most rainforest in the world and surely makes the experience of visiting parts of it very enjoyable. Cristalino Jungle Lodge is an Eco lodge located next to the Cristalino river, in a private forest reserve in the southern part of the Amazon region.

Experiencing the environment while practicing responsible tourism is key over here. The beautiful rooms and bungalows will draw your attention to the sounds and sights from the rainforest. I’m sure your favorite spot in this lodge will be the floating deck which lets you enjoy the views over the river while enjoying a nice glass around the open fire.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the observation towers which will give you a glimpse of the forest canopy, a place where a lot of animal activity can be spotted.

Have you ever visited the rainforest, or found a real treasure trove? Would love to hear about it!

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